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BUILD speaks at What Would It Take? A Youth Inspired Conversation, hosted by WBEZ ›

We would like to thank WBEZ for the invitation to their community conversation “What Would It Take”  held in the historic Bronzeville community. We all had a moment to reflect on the violence that the city is experiencing, but also recognize, encourage and support those who strive to make a change in our … Read More ›


Listen in as Clifton “Booney” McFowler, an intervention specialist for BUILD, explains his concerns and discussed the time he spends going corner to corner to squash conflicts among teenagers and convince them to leave the street life. He says most of the time kids will kill each other over petty rivalries – even posts on … Read More ›

BUILD on WBEZ Every Other Hour ›

Thanks to WBEZ and the Every Other Hour segment for telling the powerful story of BUILD’s Christina, a courageous teen who shares her gripping story of pain and growth. Girls in Gangs points out the need for the kind of support BUILD provides Christina and other gang-involved girls. With support, therapy, and caring … Read More ›

BUILD’s work highlighted in The Washington Post ›

From his hospital bed, the eighth-grader was already plotting how to kill the kid who had put him there.
It had been a month since Latee Smith’s 15th birthday and a week since a bullet blew a hole through his right hip, tearing into muscle and bone and leaving him bleeding on a sidewalk, terrified he … Read More ›

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